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Embassy of Vietnam in Macedonia

- No embassy of Vietnam in Macedonia

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Macedonia : Greece, Bulgaria, Romania & Hungary

- Way to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Macedonia

As Vietnam grows, there is an influx of people towards the country. To maintain smoothness in the movement of people, the rules of entering Vietnam are clearly explained in the Vietnam Visa Policy. As covered under the Vietnam Visa Policy, it is mandatory for everyone to possess a valid visa to enter Vietnam. Macedonia and Vietnam have great democratic relations and hence there are a few exemptions for visa that are elaborated in the Vietnam Visa Policy. If the applicants get acquainted with the exemptions and identify those applicable to them, the process becomes more convenient for them.

Despite the good relations shared by Macedonia and Vietnam, there is no consulate or embassy in Macedonia making the process of getting an embassy visa more tedious and lengthy. 

Process for an embassy visa:

1) Macedonia does not have a Vietnam embassy and hence Macedonian citizens have to approach the embassies in neighboring countries to apply for a visa. You may communicate with neighboring countries with embassies like Bulgaria and Greece. These embassies will help you out with the process.

2) If you want to look for more countries, an elaborate list is available at the Vietnam Embassy website.

3) Once the embassy is decided, go through the process taking a note of the postal service, processing fee and availability of application form online.

4) Fill the application form available at the website. Enquire about acceptance of online forms which would save you some time and money. If not send the application via a good postal service which would allow you to track the status of delivery. 

5) A processing fee has to be paid for the process. The payment to be made as processing fee will depend on the type of visa and duration of visit.

6) Enclose a prepaid envelope with the application so that the visa can be delivered to you.

7) Once you receive this visa check that all your details are mentioned correctly

8) A visa obtained from an embassy is valid for all modes of travel, namely, air, water and road.

You can escape the lengthy and troublesome method of getting a visa from an embassy with the help of agencies like our own by applying for a VOA (Visa on arrival). VOA is very helpful for countries like Macedonia which do not have an embassy. With the expertise that we have gained by helping applicants get a visa, we will make the process much smoother. All you have to do is fill an application form online. Further process is completed by us. We send the application to the immigration which sends an approval letter. The visa is stamped on arriving at the major airports. VOA saves time and energy at the same time it is economical as well, as all the postage charges can be avoided. One more advantage is the fact that no documents are needed while submitting the documents. Even the passport is used for cross verification at the airports in Vietnam. There is one shortcoming though; it is not applicable for water or roadways.

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