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Embassy of Vietnam in Latvia

- No embassy of Vietnam in Latvia

- Embassy of Vietnam Countries Close to Latvia : Belarus, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Norway & Ukraine

- Way to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Latvia

Vietnam provides visa exemptions to 17 countries. Despite of good diplomatic relations Latvia and Vietnam do not share reciprocal agreements for visa exemptions making it compulsory for Latvian citizens to have a visa when entering Vietnam and vice-versa. However, because of the good relations shared by these two nations, there are some exemptions covered in the Vietnam Visa Policy. It is important that the applicants are aware of those before applying. If these exemptions do not apply for you, you will have to apply for a visa. 

The major and conventional route of getting a visa is through an embassy but that become tricky for Latvian citizens as there is not Vietnam Embassy in Latvia. They have to take a different approach explained below.

1) Look at Vietnam Embassies in neighboring in countries that would process your request. There are Vietnam embassies in Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Germany, etc. If you wish to look at more options in regards to embassies in neighboring countries you may visit the Vietnam embassy website. Each embassy has a slightly different process hence it is advisable to visit their website and select a country with the least tedious process that is completed in a short duration.

2) The overall procedure remains the same. Fill the application form accurately and submit it. You should check if any of these countries allows online form submission. 

3) A process fee is applicable for the process which would depend on the type of visa and the duration of the visit. Check the amount and type of currency applicable before applying.

4) After filling the application form, affix a colored photo and submit all the relevant documents along with a valid passport. It is better if you send your application form by post as visiting the embassy may not be feasible. Select a reliable postal service for submitting the documents as you will be submitting your original passport. It would be preferable to select a postal service that allows tracking of deliveries. 

5) Once the application reaches the embassy it will be processed within 5-7 days. However you will to factor in postal services while calculating the delivery time.

6) Once the visa is received, you should check it for errors and if any, you should contact the embassy for rectification.

7) This visa is applicable for all modes of travel-air, water and land.

There is an alternative to this lengthy and expensive route i.e. Visa on Arrival (VOA). Agencies like ours can help you through the process. The entire process is based online and you won’t have to submit any documents making the process stress free. You will receive the visa on landing at one of the major airports and your interaction to the immigration will be limited to minimum as majority of the communication will be carried out by us. The only limitation is that VOA is applicable only for airways.

So if you want a smooth and easy method of getting a visa, you can contact us. 

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