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Embassy of Vietnam in Laos

Embassy of Vietnam in Laos

  • - Thatluang Rd., Vientiane, Laos
  • - Telephone :  (856) 2141 3409 or 2141 3409 or 2141 4602 - Consular: 2141 3400
  • - Fax : (856) 2141 3379 or 2141 4601
  • - Email : or
  • - Website :

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Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Laos

Vietnam has strong diplomatic relations with several nations in the world. Out of these, it has granted a visa free stay to only 17 nations and Laos is one of them. Vietnam has given Laos citizens a visa exemption for a duration of 30 days, maximum. Post this exempted duration; the citizen will need to apply for a valid visa. In addition to this, there are several other exemptions granted by the Vietnamese government to the citizens. Simply get in touch with the embassy to understand the rules for exemption.

Laos has the advantage of having an inland Vietnam embassy that takes acre of the visa related needs of the people here. If you know that your trip will be extended to, more than 30 days then apply for a visa while you are still in Laos. Applying for an extended visa in Vietnam will be more time consuming and expensive.

Process of getting an embassy visa:

1) The Vietnam embassy in Laos is located in the city of Vientiane in Ban Phonxay. The embassy works from Monday to Friday from morning 8: 30 to evening 5:50. It observes all the national holidays celebrated in Vietnam and Laos.

2) The process will begin with filling an application form that is made available on the embassy website and at the embassy office.

3) This form needs to be supported by all the necessary documents and a passport size colored photograph as well as your original passport. You will also need to pay a visa-processing fee at the time of making the application. 

4) The fee depends upon the type and duration of your visa. You can pay the fee either in cash or even by a check in the name of the embassy.

5) You may approach the embassy personally with these documents and submit. If you stay far from the city of Vientiane then you may choose to send this application via a registered mail.

6) Once the application is submitted, the form will be verified by the embassy and accepted after everything is clear. Post the acceptance of the form, the visa will be processed in the 5 to 7 working days.

7) You may collect this visa from the embassy personally. If you want the embassy to send you the visa via mail, then sent a pre paid envelope to the embassy with your mailing address on it. The embassy will ship the visa to you.

8) Once you receive the visa, crosscheck all the information for its correctness as compared to your passport. If there are any issues, then immediately contact the embassy. This visa will let you enter into Vietnam through any gateway.

In addition to the embassy visa, there is another way of getting a visa and that is a VOA. We are specialists in arranging VOAs for our clients in a time span that is as less as just 2 working days. The entire process is convenient, quick, and much more economical. The VOA is applicable only for the air trips. Hence, if you are flying all the way, then simply approach us for a VOA and stay sorted.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Laos ?

There are embassy and 3 consulates of Vietnam in Laos, please see below for details :

Embassy of Vietnam in Laos

Thatluang Rd., Vientiane, Laos

Telephone :  (856) 2141 3409 or 2141 3409 or 2141 4602 - Consular: 2141 3400

Fax : (856) 2141 3379 or 2141 4601

Email : or

Website :

The Consulate General of Vietnam in Savannakhet province, Laos

Address: No.118,  Sisavangvong, Kayson Phomvihan district, Savannakhet province, Laos

Telephone: (856) 41 212418; Mobile: (856) 20 5541259

Fax: (856) 41 212182


Website :

Consulate General of Vietnam in Pakse, Laos

Address #31, Banphabạt, Paksé, Champassak, LAOS

Phone : (856) 3121 2058

Fax : (856) 3121 2827

Email :

Website :

Consulate General of Vietnam in Luangprabang, Laos

Address: No. 427-428, That BoSot Village, Luangprabang Town, Luangprabang Province, Laos.

Telephone: (856 - 71) 254748

Fax: (856 - 71) 254746




Complete Name: Lao People's Democratic Republic

Native Name: Lao


Capital: Viangchan (Vientiane)

Provinces : Attapu, Bokèo, Bolikhamxai, Champasak, Houaphan, Khammouan, Louangnamtha, Louangphrabang, Oudômxai, Phôngsali, Saravan, Savannakhét, Viangchan [Vientiane City], Viangchan, Xaignabouri, Xaisômboun, Xékong, Xiangkhoang

Province Capitals : Attapu, Houayxai, Louangnamtha, Louangphrabang, Oudômxai (Xai), Pakxan, Pakxé, Phôngsali, Phôn-Hông, Phônsavan, Saravan (Salavan), Savannakhét, Thakhèk (Muang Khammouan), Viangchan (Vientiane), Xaignabouri, Xam Nua, Xékong (Ban Phon, Muang Lamam)

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