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Embassy of Vietnam in Kuwait

Embassy of Vietnam in Kuwait

  • - Address: Jabriya (Al-Jābiriyah), Block 10, Street 19, Villa 96, Kuwait
  • P.O. Box: 1232 Dasman 15463 , Kuwait
  • - Telephone: + 965-25311450 or + 965-25351593
  • - Fax: + 965-25351592
  • - E-mail:
  • - Website:

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Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Kuwait

Do the citizens of Kuwait require a Vietnam visa? Yes, the citizens of Kuwait who hold an ordinary Kuwait passport must obtain a visa for visiting Vietnam. Also the citizens of other countries apart from the ones mentioned below require a visa for coming to Vietnam. The countries that have visa free entry are: Denmark, Finland, Japan, Norway, Russia, Sweden and South Korea (for 15 days), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand (for 30 days), Brunei and Myanmar (for 14 days) and Philippines (for 21 days). The nationals from the aforementioned countries can stay in Vietnam for the permitted amount of time devoid of visa only if they leave Vietnam for at least 30 days after the free of visa entry period is over to remain visa free. In other case if the nationals from the aforementioned countries stay in Vietnam for more than allowed days then they will require a visa and also for those who return to Vietnam before the completion of 30 days of break between the consecutive trips.

How to apply for a visa to visit Vietnam for citizens of Kuwait?

The citizens of Kuwait can apply for a Vietnam visa in one of two ways. They are: 

Applying for a Vietnam visa online:

1. This particular procedure is highly recommended as it is the most convenient and quickest procedure that can be completed from the comfort of your own home through the internet. This online visa can also be called as ‘visa on arrival’ or VOA and is given to the visitor on arrival at the Vietnam airport. 

2. One can apply for this type of visa from any location in the world easily through any computer or mobile device which has internet, wireless or 3G data connectivity. 

3. The main advantages of this process of applying for a visa are its quick, hassle-free method, cost effectiveness and safety. Also one does not need to send over their important private documents like passport to any place. 

4. Once you send in the online application form, the confirmation letter will be sent to you within a mere 1 or 2 working hour only. This way you can check the progress of your application for visa. 

5. Usually the ‘visa application letter’ is provided for the applicant within 2 working days only. 

Also in case of emergencies, some online visa offering services can process a visa within a period of 30 minutes to 4 hours of time. The ‘visa approval letter’ will be sent to you via email and one can easily get their visa stamped at the airport in Vietnam. 

Applying for Vietnam visa through an embassy or consulate:

This particular procedure is the conventional method used before there was availability of internet. It is a more complicated procedure which demands much more time and effort of the applicant than the previously mentioned procedure. This procedure often takes a huge amount of time and patiently waiting. And often results in cancellations of the application due to absence of important documents.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Kuwait ?

Please see below information of Embassy of Vietnam in Kuwait

Address: Jabriya (Al-Jābiriyah), Block 10, Street 19, Villa 96, Kuwait

Telephone: + 965-25311450

+ 965-25351593

Fax: + 965-25351592

P.O. Box: 1232 Dasman 15463 , Kuwait




Complete Name: State of Kuwait

Native Name: Al-Kuwayt


Capital: Al-Kuwayt

Governorates : Al-Aḥmadī, Al-Farwānīyah, Al-Jahrā', Al-Kuwayt (Al-Aṣimah), Bubiyan & Warbah, Ḥawallī, Mubarāk al-Kabīr

Principal Cities : Qalīb ash-Shuyūkh, As-Sālimīyah, Al-Farwānīyah, Ḥawallī, Khīṭān, Al-Manqaf, Al-Fuḥayḥīl, Aṣ-Ṣabāḥīyah, Sabāh as-Sālim, Salwā'

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