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Embassy of Vietnam in Gambia

- NO embassy of Vietnam in Gambia

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Gambia : Morocco, Algeria & Nigeria

- Way to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival 

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Gambia

Vietnam has been developing diplomatic and economic relations with countries all around the globe. It as a country has been booming over the last few decades. The growing agreements and the rich heritage invite people to visit Vietnam.  As a result the number of people visiting the country is increasing. There has to be rules laid down to maintain a smooth inflow of people. The Vietnam Visa policy serves the purpose of doing the same.

Vietnam has entered reciprocal agreements for with about 17 countries; Gambia is not in the list making it compulsory for Gambian citizens to possess a valid visa to enter the country. You can apply for a visa either through an embassy or by applying for a VOA with the help of agencies like our own. Obtaining a visa through an embassy is the conventional and major route but Gambia does not have a Vietnam Embassy in the country making the procedure for getting an embassy visa tricky. The outline of the step to be followed is given below:

1) Locate a Vietnam embassy in nearby countries. Algeria and Libya have Vietnam embassies. A complete list of countries with embassies is available on the Vietnam embassy website. You can select any one from the list. Each country has a slightly different process hence it would be advisable to understand their process and select the embassy with the easiest procedure.

2) Even with these differences the basic procedure remains the same. Fill the application form either online or after taking a printout of the form available at their website. It would be a good decision to select an embassy which allows online submission of form.  You will have to submit original passport and other documents. It would be advisable to select a good international postal service that allows tracking of your deliverables. You may submit the documents in person but that won’t be feasible in this scenario.

3) You have to submit a processing fee which will depend on the type of visa and the duration of stay. It is advisable to enquire about the amount and acceptable currency before applying.

4) Once the embassy receives the application the process takes about 5-7 days. But you will also have to account for the postal service when expecting the date of arrival of the visa.

5) This visa is applicable to all routes- air, water and land.

It must be clear that applying for an embassy visa is a tiresome and an expensive process owing to all the postal charges. There is an easier alternative, you can apply for a VOA i.e. Visa on Arrival. All you have to do is fill an online form and pay the processing fee. Rest of the procedure is taking care of by us. This entire process 2-3 days and is hassle free as you do not have to submit any documents. There is just one minor limitation for this route, it is applicable only for airways. So if you are planning to visit Vietnam via airways and you want a hassle free method for procuring a visa, contact us.  

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