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Embassy of Vietnam in Fiji

- No embassy of Vietnam in Fiji

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Fiji : New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia & Japan

- Way to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival

Some information and Procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Fiji 

In this world of globalization, having ethnic identity is important in order for travelling purposes. Visa, passports, identity cards, etc are some of the most important legal documents which must be taken care of while travelling to a foreign country. In this following article we shall discuss about the visa requirements for people in Fiji, who are planning to take a trip to Vietnam.

As we all know, Fiji does not have any kind of Vietnam embassy and thus it is kind of difficult to get a visa for Vietnam .but there is always a way and in this case there are more than one ways. One an easily get a visa to Vietnam from Fiji

Importance of visa while travelling

• All kinds of people travel to other countries. In this case, the counties on the receiving end must have something to be sure that only genuine people are entering their country. Visa is an identification of your existence and your belonging.

• Without it, a country will never allow you to enter its grounds. Visa is a worldwide identification document of your ethnicity .if you don’t have a visa; you will probably never make it to another country. Proper authorization and permission to enter another country depends on your possession of a visa. 

• There are all kinds of visas. Travelling visas, student visas, etc. Vietnam also requires a person’s visa to ensure his or her authenticity as a tourist, student, businessperson, artist, investor or just a mere traveler.

Procedures to follow in order to get a visa for Vietnam

• A proper application must be made in order to get a visa for Vietnam from Fiji. The application exclusively consists of some following sections. 

• Visa type- this is the area where you need to specify the type of visa you require. Which means you need to write either u are a student, a business person or a tourist.

• You need to provide a passport of yours and the visa application will also contain the section where you need to specify the type of passport you have. Example- normal, diplomatic or special.

• These visa applications also contain sections for your nationality, religion as well as country. All of these specifications need to be filled along with some other formalities such as gender, age, occupation etc.

• Apart from these other traditional methods of visa application are also there such as visa on arrival. One can easily fill out an online form for that and this method is very popular due to the reason that it is easy to access and process.

Once you have filled out the application just submit it and let the directorate of passports and residence decide whether you can travel or not. Also enclose with it other legal documents and proofs regarding your age, nationality and identity. Always provide true details. Giving false information to the government can lead you to legal enquiry and even punishment.

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