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Embassy of Vietnam in Comoros

- No embassy of Vietnam in Comoros

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Comoros : Tanzania & Mozambique

- Way to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival at international airport of Vietnam

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Comoros

Up to this time, there has been no Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam consulate in Comoros.

In this case, you can contact to the Embassy/consulate of Vietnam in any other countries where you find closest and most convenient for you to apply for your Vietnam visa.

We always try our best to give our customers as well as viewers the newest information which is trustful and accurate.

However, if you have any news about Vietnam embassy or consulate in Comoros, please let us know and we would be appreciated so much for you concern.

Visa is the most important document to be prepared by every visitor who wants to enter Vietnam. The citizens of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Japan and Korea South are however exempted from showing a visa in order to enter Vietnam. The method of getting visa is different depending on the diplomatic relation of Vietnam with each country. Read on to get more information.

Ways of obtaining visa

• Like the citizens of few other countries the citizens of Comoros doesn’t have the facility of having a Vietnam embassy in Comoros. So, they have to avail other methods to get to an embassy to acquire a visa. 

• As an alternative they can also apply for visa on arrival online. The type one will opt for depends upon the way of one’s entering into Vietnam. 

Getting a visa from the Vietnam Embassy

There is no Vietnam embassy at Comoros. So to get a visa from the embassy, a citizen has to first search for the nearest country which has an embassy. However, it is a definite inconvenience for a Comorian to visit another country just to find a Vietnam embassy to get a visa. There are many embassies which allow visa to be acquired by post. What a Comorian needs to do is search for the nearby country having an embassy which allows visa application via post, and send the application along with the necessary documents.

Alternate way

The process of getting visa form the Vietnam embassy not preferred because of the inconvenience. The most hassle free and cost effective method is the alternate way, i.e. visa on arrival. This is a much easier process and saves money as well as time. 

All one needs to do is go online and fill in the application form properly. After that once payment of service fee is done, one will be asked to wait for getting the approval letter. The approval letter will be sent by mail. Once one gets it the next step is to download it and fix a filled entry form along with 2 recent passport size photographs. Showing this document at the Vietnam airport, along with payment of the stamping fees, one gets the visa in hand.

Other information

• In order to get a valid Vietnam visa on arrival one should make sure that he/she has a valid Comoros passport. 

• The passport must have a validity of minimum 6 years from the date of entry into Vietnam and also have some blank pages left for stamping. 

• The visa on arrival procedure is only applicable to those who are visiting Vietnam by air. 

The types of fees that one needs to pay throughout this entire procedure are service fee and stamping fee. The service fee is to be paid at the time of visa application online and the stamping fee is to be paid to the official at the Vietnam airport while collecting the visa. One needs to pay the total service fee in advance through any of the net banking modes and the stamping fee should be paid in cash and in US dollars or Vietnamese dollars at the airport. 

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