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Embassy of Vietnam in Chad

- No embassy of Vietnam in Chad

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Chad : Nigeria & Egypt

- Way to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : apply for getting visa on arrival at international airport of Vietnam

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Chad

Vietnam Visa Policy has made it a compulsion for the Chad citizens to have a valid visa in hand before entering into Vietnam. Although, the country has pre defined several scenarios under which even the Chad citizens can avail certain visa exemptions. You may visit the embassy website to get a clear understanding of the various exemptions available. If you do not fall under any of these criteria, then apply for visa.

The biggest channel for obtaining a visa is the embassy. Unfortunately, Chad does not have an established Vietnam embassy inland and hence the citizens need to take a different route for obtaining visas. The following is the procedure for getting an embassy visa:

1) Find out about the Vietnam embassies located in the neighboring countries. There are Vietnam embassies in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Tanzania, Angola, Nigeria etc. These embassies have different set of instructions when it comes to processing visa requests. Hence, visit their website or contact them to know about them. Choose the one that can issue you a visa in the least possible time frame.

2) Overall, most of the embassies have the same procedure. Fill up the application form that has been made available on the embassy website. You may print this form or submit it online if your embassy accepts online applications.

3) You will need to make a payment as well at the time of application hence enquire about the amount and the accepted currency before beginning the process.

4) After completing the form, attach a colored passport size photo to this form and attach the relevant documents. The embassy will also need your original passport along with the form for stamping of the visa. Since, you cannot visit the embassy personally; you will have to post all the documents to the embassy. Choose a reliable postal service that allows tracking of the deliverables.

5) Once the embassy receives the application and accepts it, the visa will be processed within 5 to 7 business days. In addition, send a pre paid envelope with your address to the embassy so that your visa can be sent to you.

6) The process will be time consuming due to involvement of international postal service so plan your trip keeping in mind the time frame involved.

7) Once the visa has been received, ensure that the details are correctly entered. Any discrepancy, get in touch with the embassy for a rectification.

8) This visa will allow you to take a trip to Vietnam through any gateway – air, water, or land.

There is another option for getting a visa to Vietnam and that is the VOA (visa on arrival). This visa is applicable only if you are flying all the way to Vietnam. The process of a VOA is quick (express service can give an approval within hours). The entire process is based online and hence is convenient and economical. We can help you in obtaining a visa on arrival with our fast and most reasonable visa service. Simply approach us for a VOA and enjoy a hassle free trip to Vietnam

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