Embassy of Vietnam in Bulgaria

Embassy of Vietnam in Sofija [Sofia] Bulgaria

  • - Address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1113 Ul. Jetvarka No 1
  • - Telephone /Fax : 00-359-2 963 3658
  • - Office :  00-359-2 963 2743 or 00-359-2 963 2609
  • - Consular service :  00-359-2 963 3742
  • - Email : vnemb.bg@mofa.gov.vn
  • - Website : www.vietnamembassy-bulgaria.org

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Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Bulgaria

A noteworthy family excursion or a critical business visit of Vietnam for Bulgarian subject requires an admirable measure of former arrangement to get a legitimate visa for effective remain. Regardless of the reason or motivation behind the visit, a legitimate visa is a fundamental prerequisite for each Bulgarian national for incoming Vietnam. The migration Department, Vietnam is fundamentally in charge of the Visa issuance to the nationals of every last one of nations. 

Key Sources for getting visa 

Notwithstanding, because of expanded movement exercises from different nations to Vietnam throughout the years, two vital and genuine wellsprings of getting Visa are accessible for the natives of Bulgaria and different nations. These two essential wellsprings of getting Vietnam visa for Bulgarian natives incorporate Vietnam Embassy and different driving travel offices. Both the modes offer credible measures to the Bulgarian residents for acquiring Vietnam Visa. 

Diverse sorts of visas – 

By and large, distinctive sorts of Visas are accessible for Bulgarian natives to come in Vietnam which change as indicated by the motivation behind visit. A portion of the unmistakable sorts of Visa which are accessible for the natives of Bulgaria include: 

1. Tourist Visa: The visitor visa is especially implied for those individuals who are going to Vietnam for a family visit reason. It is the most well-known kind of visa among individuals which have a greatest legitimacy of 15 to 30 days. There are additionally procurement accessible to amplify this legitimacy in Vietnam with a specific end goal to expand the sit tight. 

2. Business visa: The business visa is truly like that of a vacationer visa regarding legitimacy. It is especially implied for those Bulgarian nationals who are heading out to Vietnam for business reason. They are likewise needed to present a letter of approval granted by the Vietnamese organization. 

3. Transit visa: Transit Visa is by and large implied for those nationals why should obliged stay inside the areas of the air terminal. The Bulgarian nationals who are finishing what have been started premises for some time don't require any sort of travel visa to stay at Vietnam worldwide airplane terminals. 

Compulsory Requirements – A percentage of the crucial compulsory prerequisites to acquire Vietnam visa for Bulgarian nationals include: 

(i) A substantial international ID of 6 months for acquiring Visa disconnected from the net. 

(ii) A substantial international ID of 30 days for acquiring Visa on the web. 

(iii) Two photos (travel permit size) of the candidate, ideally sized 4X6 cm. 

(iv) Letter of sanction issued by the migration branch of Vietnam in online application. 

(v) Payment of stamping and administration expenses (changeable from time to time).

Air terminal methodology – 

The natives of Bulgaria who have petitioned online Vietnam Visa by means of travel organizations are obliged to satisfy taking after methodology while touching base at any of the air terminals of Vietnam: 

1. Show up legitimate travel permit, photo and additionally approbation letter to the airplane terminal powers if applying on the web. 

2. Get the international ID stamped by the movement branch of Airport, Vietnam.

3. Present the stamped visa on the international ID. 

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Bulgaria ?

Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in Sofija [Sofia] Bulgaria

Address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1113 Ul. Jetvarka No 1

Telephone /Fax : 963 3658

Office :  963 2743 or 963 2609

Consular service :  963 3742

Code : 00-359-2

Email : vnemb.bg@mofa.gov.vn

Website : www.vietnamembassy-bulgaria.org


Complete Name: Republic of Bulgaria

Native Name: Bălgarija


Capital: Sofija [Sofia]

Principal Cities : Sofija[Sofia], Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse [Rousse], Stara Zagora, Pleven, Sliven, Dobrič (Tolbuhin) [Dobrich], Šumen [Shumen], Pernik.

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