Vietnam Consulate in Lebanon

- No consulate or embassy of Vietnam in Lebanon

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Lebanon if you want to go : Israel, Turkey, Iraq & Egypt

- Way to get visa Vietnam without going to consulate or embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam

Note :

In order to pick up your visa on arrival, you must have visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration with sponsor from a travel company in Vietnam then you are able to get visa on arrival

Are you living in Lebanon and want to find address of Vietnam Consulate in Lebanon ? There is NO Vietnam Consulate in Lebanon.

Lebanese passport holders are required to apply for Vietnam visa if you want to enter for visiting Vietnam. There is NO Vietnam Consulate or embassy in Lebanon but Lebanese citizens can go to location of Vietnam embassy in neighboring country to apply for Vietnam visa. Or can apply for eVisa Vietnam (also called Vietnam visa on arrival) if you have no chance to go to address of Vietnam embassy in neighboring country.

Vietnam visa on arrival is a policy of Vietnam government to facilitate travelers from over the world get visa for Vietnam fast, cheap and easy, especially for travelers living far from Vietnam embassy and consulate or no embassy or consulate of Vietnam present.

In order to get evisa Vietnam or Vietnam visa on arrival, Lebanese citizens and residences must contact with visa agency or company in Vietnam to ask for sponsored and approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department for allowing you pick up your Vietnam visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam.

  • Link to apply Vietnam visa on arrival :
  • Email for support :


  • Complete Name: Lebanese Republic
  • Native Name: Lubnān
  • ISO-Code: LBN
  • Capital: Bayrūt

Governorates in Lebanon: Al-Biqā' [Bekaa], Bayrūt [Beirut], Jabal Lubnān [Mount Lebanon], Lubnān al-Janūbīyah (incl. An-Nabaṭīyah) [South Lebanon], Lubnān ash-Shamālya [North Lebanon]

Cities in Lebanon: 'Ālayh [Aley], An-Nabaṭīyah [Nabatiyé], B'abdā, Ba'labakk [Baalbek], Bayrūt [Beirut], Jubail [Byblos], Jūniyah [Jounieh], Ṣaydā [Sidon], Ṣūr [Tyre], Ṭarābulus [Tripoli], Zaḥlah [Zahlé], Zghartā

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