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Have you ever been in Bien Hoa City? A city without traffic jam, hurry, in Dong Nai Province can bring quiet, peace to your mind and bring you back to the old days. Go for a walk around the city and drop by Tran Bien Temple of Literature where you can enjoy these things.

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Deeply in mind of many people, Vietnam is still a country of poverty and wars locating along the east coast of Indochina peninsular. As the time passed by, things have changed a lot. Now, Vietnam has developed dramatically and also emerges as an attractive travel destination with diverse culture, beautiful nature, famous historical buildings…and other numberless sites.  Vietnam attracts a lot of travelers all around the world each year and always leaves them unforgettable mesmerizing experience.

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By Heather Carreiro 

The US Travel Advisory List is not a likely source of travel inspiration for most people, but for the more audacious traveler it certainly can be. At the time of writing, twenty-eight countries made the cut for a full-scale travel warning and not just a travel alert. Travel warnings are deemed appropriate for countries that are seen as long-standing “no-go” zones, while travel alerts are generally only issued for a limited time. A travel alert may be issued to warn travelers of a disease outbreak or an approaching hurricane, but a travel warning may even mean that US diplomatic relations in that country have been shut down due to security risks.

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For many people used to be perpetually connected to the Internet, the prospect of a period of time “in the dark” is something that not only makes them feel uncomfortable, but may also be extremely inconvenient from a business point of view.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 03:19

Water puppet show in Hanoi, Vietnam

Created by the residents living in the areas surrounding the Red River, the art of water puppetry is unique to the Vietnamese culture that you should watch once visiting Hanoi. This special art was originally performed by the rice farmers in the flooded paddy fields for centuries, and is handed down from generation to generation.

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These days many tourists are looking for something a little different when they travel. Seasoned traveler have no doubt already been to Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. Those travelers may be looking for a new adventure – a place steeped in history and filled with unique things to see and do.