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How to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

For getting visa on arrival, you must contact with a travel agency or company in Vietnam for sponsor to get visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department.

Print a copy of the visa approval letter to show for boarding & show at landing visa counter or visa on arrival desk at international airport of Vietnam to get visa stamped on your passport.

It's very easy & saving much time + money.

As per the directions from the Vietnam government, foreign travelers to Vietnam are usually supposed to come up with visa certification- as a legitimate permission for their stay here. Yes, you can always take to Vietnam Embassy directly for visa approval but that quite a strenuous process. Thus, the modern way is to go for Vietnam visa on arrival service. The article here is all about how to get Vietnam visa on arrival.

Defining Vietnam visa on arrival

It is an online Vietnam visa approval service accredited by Vietnam Immigration Department- offered solely for those traveling to Vietnam by air. There are online Vietnam visa companies to assist you when you want to know how to get Vietnam visa on arrival. The candidates here would have to fill up the visa on arrival application form from the visa company’s website followed by online payment submission. If everything is appropriate, the candidate would receive the visa approval letter on email which he should take to the Vietnam international airport and would have it stamped on his arrival at the country.

Step by step guide on obtaining Vietnam visa on Arrival

Step A - Application form fill-up online

The visa applicant would be asked to submit the following details-have your passport handy.

• Visa details including- your visa type, entry date, exit date, purpose of visit, arrival airport and express service.

• Personal information including- full name, date of birth, present nationality, passport number and passport expiration date. Your passport must be valid for 6 months. If you are accompanied by anyone, submit his/her personal details as well.

• Contact information including your primary email and alternative email.

Step B - Online payment

The second step while you are asking how to get Vietnam visa on arrival is online payment submission on the company’s site. You can pay via bank transfer or credit card or Western Union or PayPal.

Step C - Visa Approval letter

The online visa company would take 1-2 working days maximum to process your visa application and attain the Vietnam visa approval letter from Vietnam Embassy. The approval letter would be sent to your primary email id- so keep check on it.

Get the print-outs

You should get a print out the approval letter from your email inbox and carry it in your flight to Vietnam. Download and print out the entry & exit forms from the company website as well & have all the information entered in advance- also attach two passport size photographs on the forms. Carry all the documents to the Vietnam international airport.

As you reach the airport

Head to Immigration check-in outlet at the airport- submit all the visa related documents, including the approval letter, entry & exit forms as well as passport details. The Immigration authorities would scan the documents carefully and if everything is okay, you will have your Vietnam visa on Arrival stamped.

You can go for for a legit and reputed Vietnam visa on Arrival service. The company assures Vietnam Immigration accredited visa approval letter and even discounts for loyal travelers.

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