How Much Does It Cost To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival Totally?

There are 2 kind of fees for getting visa on arrival

- Service fee is a kind of fee you pay for travel agent who take care & following procedure to get your visa approval on you behalf. 

- Stamp fee is official fee or immigration fee you paid for Government when you pick up your visa on arrival at Vietnam airport. 

Please check at visa fees section for update.

Vietnam Immigration Department has made visa requirements mandatory for most of the foreign travelers visiting Vietnam. There is the conventional route to attain visa physically from Embassy outlet but the modern online Visa on arrival Vietnam facility assures a more convenient and quicker visa approval. Are you on a plan to visit Vietnam and want to know about the Vietnam visa cost? Well, the post below lays down a discussion on the approximate visa cost if you take to Visa on Arrival Vietnam.

Before delving into the Vietnam visa cost details, let’s know a few lines about Vietnam visa on arrival facility

Visa on arrival at international airport of Vietnam

It is an online procedure where you receive the visa approval letter online and get your visa stamped once you reach the Vietnam international airport. The visa application and payment submission would be performed online as well. If you are taking this online route, you are relieved from any stress of wasting time and energy at the Vietnam Embassy office. The visa company will have its men getting the visa approval obtaining for you from the Embassy outlet. You will receive the Vietnam Immigration accredited visa approval letter on your email with 1-2 working days of application.

Fees required for Visa on Arrival Vietnam

If you have opted for visa on arrival facility, the Vietnam visa cost would include Service fee and Stamp fee.

 Service fee

This is the fee that gets your visa approval letter from the Vietnam Embassy outlet. You will pay the service fee online after you submit the application form on the visa company’s website. The payment can be submitted through credit card or Western Union or PayPal or online bank transfer. When you pay the fee online, your Vietnam visa would be sent to the Immigration control network of the Vietnam international airport -where you are about to land as per the application form. The approximate Vietnam visa cost for online service fee for 1 month single entry is around 16 USD which will be around 25 USD for 1 month multiple entries. For those taking to 3 month single entry, the fee is like 25 USD and the Vietnam visa cost for 3 month multiple entries would be around 65 USD.

You are needed to take a print out of the visa approval letter and produce it in the Vietnam international airport.

 Stamp fee

The stamp fee is the charge to be paid directly to Immigration outlet at the Vietnam international airport – Da Nang or Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat- wherever you are scheduled to arrive. The fee includes the charge for your Vietnam visa on Arrival print-out and the approval stamp on your passport from the Immigration department. The usual stamping fee for single entry (both for 1 month & 3 months) is around 45 USD while it is 95 USD for multiple entries (both for 1 month & 3 months).

Total Vietnam visa cost on visa on arrival

1 month single entry : 16 + 45 USD= 61 USD.

1 month multiple entries : 25 + 95 USD = 120 USD.

3 month single entry : 33 + 45 USD= 78 USD.

3 month multiple entries : 50 + 95 USD= 140 USD.

Please note that the fee may change without notice

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