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Resolution No. 46/NQ-CP dated June 18, 2015 of the Government  – 15 day visa free – free entry visa 15 days for citizens of the Kingdom of England, the French Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Kingdom of Spain and the Italian Republic

Monday, 24 June 2013 07:14

Vietnam Consulate in Italy

Do you stay in in Italy and want to find address and location of Vietnam Consulate in Italy ? There is no Vietnam Consulate in Italy but you can find below for information of Vietnam embassy in Italy to contact instead.

Embassy of Vietnam in Roma, Italy

  • Via di Bravetta, 156 – 00164 Roma – Italia
  • Tel:  +39 06 66160726    +39 06 99704318
  • Fax:  +39 06 66157520
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
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Does Italian Citizens Need Visa to Enter Vietnam or Not? From 01 July 2015, Italy citizens are not need visa for entering if stay less than 15 days in Vietnam. Please note that, 30 days after exit Vietnam then you can come back with visa free policy. Otherwise, you need visa for entering Vietnam. 

Italian need to apply for Vietnam visa if you want to stay more than 15 days in Vietnam. Every country decides on activities to offer permission to the visitors for the entry and exit out of the country. It is mandatory that every citizen of the every country has to apply for visa for entering into Vietnam. The main requirement is whether the person has a valid passport or not. It is very essential that to visit any country most of the citizens need to have travel visas but not to all destinations.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 03:41

Embassy of Vietnam in Italy

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Italy

There are almost 70 countries where the Vietnam embassy or their representatives have been placed. They will provide you as well as guide you how to get Visa from Vietnam. You will also come to know how to procure visa and find out which could be the best way to either get the visa by applying at the embassy or apply for visa on arrival at Vietnam.

The following documents are required when you go to the Vietnam embassy are