Essential Ways to obtain visa Vietnam for Vanuatuan citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Unfortunately, No embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Vanuatu & Embassy of Vietnam in countries close to Vanuatu is : New Zealand

Best Way to get visa Vietnam without going to embassy for Vanuatuan citizen: Apply online for getting visa on arrival Vietnam (for air-travelers only)

In order to meet out this extreme necessity of owning a legal Vietnam visa for the nationals of Vanuatu while touring to Vietnam, the immigration bureau of Vietnam has provided two distinctive measures for their convenience. Being open with two different options, the natives of Vanuatu can opt for any of the two according to their convenience and ease. The two significant options include:

• Requesting for Visa by paying a significant visit to the respective Vietnam Embassy of that country or some nearby location. 

• Requesting for visa through online medium of renowned travel associations available 24* 7 for your support.

Both these measures of requesting for Vietnam Visa have been significantly described in detail hereunder along with the complete procedure. 

Paying visit to Vietnam Embassy – 

One of the most significant and traditional method of requesting for Vietnam Visa is paying visit to the respective Vietnam Embassy of that particular country or some nearby location. In case of Vanuatuan citizenship, no such Vietnam Embassy or its consulate is available in Vanuatu. They are required to visit the Vietnam embassy available in New Zealand which is the nearest country to Vanuatu in terms of availability of such Embassy. The Vanuatuan citizens are required to take along with them some necessary prerequisites including – 

• Accurately filled request application form.

• Legal and effective passport with minimum 6 months legitimacy. 

• Clearly visible two photographs particularly of passport size.

The entire procedure of applying for Vietnam Visa through Embassy requires an individual to pay two to three visits and obtain visa in maximum 7 days. 

Online Request through Travel Associations – 

Since there is no respective Vietnam Embassy in Vanuatu, the native citizens may find it difficult to visit the Embassy available in New Zealand. There is another significant measure available for such people to request for Vietnam visa while sitting at home. This distinctive e measure involves online request of visa through leading and authorized travel associations. This is relatively less time consuming, convenient and instant measure of obtaining significant visa to proceed towards Vietnam. This measure is particularly meant for the citizens who are moving to Vietnam via air medium. 

The complete procedure of requesting for Vietnam Visa via online medium involves four significant steps which include: 

• Fill Secured application form: The most preliminary step involved in the procedure of requesting for Visa online is filling of application form available on the official website of the travel organizations. The applicants are required to provide their complete personal details along with full accuracy. 

• Payment options: The other crucial step that follows the submission of application form includes payment of the necessary service charges. These services charges have to be paid on the basis of the type of Visa to be obtained. The people can opt for any of the medium available for payment on the screen which comprises of payment through credit as well as debit card, Western Union, and PayPal. 

• Obtaining Approval letter: After the successful payment of the service charges, the applicants will receive a significant mail of approval letter within 24 to 48 hours of submission. 

• Stamping the Visa: The last step involves the stamping of visa on the airport by presenting the stamping charges and the approval letter. 

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