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Vietnam turns out as an overwhelming vacation destination for individuals over the diverse corners of the world. It has been significantly observed over the past several years that individuals from distinctive nations are travelling to Vietnam for various purposes because of widespread popularity of globalization across the world. The noteworthy illustration of movement among people towards Vietnam can be significantly seen with the residents of Armenia. With a specific end goal to guarantee immaculate amicability and perfect network among the two nations, the Vietnamese Government has created an obligatory rule for Armenian nationals to claim a genuine Visa to visit Vietnam. 

There are two significant ways through which the residents of Uruguay can get Vietnam visa-

1. Apply online to acquire visa approval letter from the Vietnam immigration followed by getting the visa stamped on arrival at international airports of Vietnam.

2. Visit the embassy of socialist republic of Vietnam in Argentina as Vietnam embassy is not present in Uruguay and apply visa there.

Being a Uruguayan national it is necessary to carry visa when travelling to Vietnam. There are two ways through which he/she can apply to acquire the Vietnam visa.

 Given below are the two way in detail through which you can apply-

If you are a Dutch citizen and wish to travel to Vietnam, you will have to obtain Visa prior to your travel. There are two simple ways in which you can obtain Visa. You can either approach the Embassy of Vietnam in The Netherlands or apply for Visa on Arrival. Vietnam has its diplomatic missions and embassies in as many as 70 countries across the globe, including The Netherlands. Here’s how you can easily apply for Visa to Vietnam:

• Apply through the embassy

The standard procedure of applying for Visa to Vietnam is through the Embassy of Vietnam. The embassy in The Netherlands is located at:

Nassauplein 12, 2585 EB The Hague, The Netherlands

If you want to visit Vietnam, then just like other countries you must have visa. Visiting to Vietnamese embassy for visa is so time consuming but the process to get the Vietnam visa is not so hard. Some people find it really difficult to get visa, sometimes they even cancel their trip to Vietnam and visit other country. As everybody’s time is very precious, they cannot waste their time waiting for hours to get visa.

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