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Immigration Department in Lang Son

Do you want to extend you visa & want to search for Lang Son Province’s Immigration Office (Vietnam Immigration Department in Lang Son)? . Please see below for official address of Immigration Department in Lang Son : 

Address : Hoàng Văn Thụ Street, Lạng Sơn city, Lang Son Province

For Vietnam visa extension request, please email to

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Lang Son is a northeast province of Vietnam, 180km from Hanoi. From Gia Lam in Hanoi, tourists travel on Road No. 5 to Thanh Tri Bridge and turn left. Going some150km, travellers will arrive in Lang Son.

Dubbed one of the eight famed sceneries, Nhi Thanh Cave is one of the historical rellics related to the development process of Land Son. Being looked at from the outside, Nhi Thanh gate is like nothing more than a nearby pagoda gate leaning back to the mountain. There is a small road in front of the pagoda leads to shops selling local alcohol and traditional medicine. If tourists walk inside, they will be curious by Nhi Thanh Cave standing admist the mountainous town of Lang Son. That is the unique cave in our country. Visitors can take a sightseeing the scenery inside the mountain and go in Tam Giao Temple where created to worship Gautama Buddha, Confucius and Laozi. Apart from precious wooden table, the furniture has been made of rock which is available in the cave.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 03:57

Mẫu Sơn moutain, Lạng Sơn province

Only 30km away from the center of Lang Son city, Mẫu Sơn Mountain is located in Lộc Bình District, Lang Son province. Mẫu Sơn is surrounded by hundreds of big and small mountains. Summer is cool; the peak is always covered with fog in winter. The average temperature is 15.5 degree centigrade. This natural wonder is a challenge for those who want to prove their strength and luck climbing to its peak, from which they can witness one of the magnificent sceneries. Tourists can visit China over border gate Chi Ma. Now, Mẫu Sơn is on its process to build resort area and develop tourism, especially mountain climbing tower.

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