Embassy of Vietnam in Argentina

Embassy of Vietnam in Argentina

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Argentina

The nationals of Argentina who are willing to visit Vietnam for family trip or a business trip are required to hold a legitimate Vietnam visa to stay there. The argentines without holding a visa to travel to Vietnam are not allowed to enter the precincts of the country. It has been made mandatory by the government of Vietnam that every foreign visitor coming to Vietnam has to own a valid visa to stay there with ease. In order to enjoy the family trip or the business trip to Vietnam in peace and tranquility, the citizens of Argentina are required to ensure certain things in mind. 

Applying for the Visa

The most essential thing that is required to be ensured by the citizens includes the application for Vietnam visa. The candidates can opt for any of the method out of the two for applying Vietnam visa. The two crucial methods of applying include visiting the nearest Vietnam Embassy or online Visa on arrival. Both the methods have their own pros and cons. However, they are the two most reliable and convenient methods of applying for Visa. The Vietnam Embassy is a constituent part of Vietnam Government whereas, the online visa on arrival is service offered by various leading travel agents who maintain effective relationship with the immigration department of Vietnam. However among the two, the most convenient, safest, reliable and prompt method is the online Visa on Arrival. 

Payment of fees for Visa Application

In both the methods of Visa Application, the candidates are essentially required to pay certain charges which include the service charges as well as stamping charges. 

• Service fees: The service fees are applicable in both the methods of applying for Visa which varies according to the changing types of Visa. The service charges of Vietnam Visa for business purpose may vary from that of personal purpose. Apart from this, the service charges also depend upon the validity of the Visa. In terms of online method, this service charge is meant for obtaining the approval letter. 

• Stamping fees: The stamping fee is yet another type of charges that is essentially required by the citizens of Argentina to pay. In online method of Visa on Arrival, this fee is to be paid at the airport while obtaining the stamp on the visa. While, it is a bit different for people who apply from the Vietnam Embassy. They have to pay both the service as well as stamping fees at the time of applying. 

Both these charges also vary according to the urgency of the work. In case of normal visa application, the charges are also normal. While in case of urgent requirement of Vietnam visa, these charges also get increased. In case of Emergency the charges are maximum. 

Types of Visa

Distinctive types of visa are available for different purposes as well as according to the number of days for staying in Vietnam. This includes:

• Business Visa

• Tourist visa

• Single Entry Visa

• Multiple Entry visa

• Diplomatic visa

• Student visa

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Argentina ?

Please see below for information of Vietnam Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Address : 11 de Septiembre 1442 (CP 1426), Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal (Argentina)

Telephone: (54.11) 47831802, 47831425

Fax: (54.11) 47820078

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.vietnamembassy.org.ar

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00A.m to 1:00P.m, 2:30P.m to 4:00P.m


·         Complete Name: Argentine Republic

·         Native Name: Argentina

·         ISO-Code: ARG

·         Capital: Buenos Aires

Principal Cities : Buenos Aires, La Matanza, Córdoba, Rosario

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