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Vietnam Visa On Arrival Posts

  • Who needs Visa to Vietnam?
    Who needs Visa to Vietnam?

    Have you planned a trip to Vietnam anytime soon? That’s good but you must know the Vietnam Immigration Department demands most of the foreign tourists here to arrive with visa to Vietnam - along with the passport validity for six months. 

    Vietnam visa is the needed governmental permission required from almost all the tourists here from foreign countries. The visa formality is applicable regardless of your means of transport to Vietnam. The visa to Vietnam has to be certified by the Vietnam Immigration department and serves as the legitimate permission for your stay in this oriental nation- for a certain time period. You can apply for 1 month single/multiple entry/entries visa or 3 months single/multiple entry/entries visa.

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  • What is Vietnam Visa On Arrival?
    What is Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

    Vietnam government requires visa certification for most of the foreign travelers planning a stay in Vietnam- be it for a casual holiday or for a business meet. The traditional route of attaining Vietnam visa directly from the Embassy office is too strenuous compelling you to wait for hours at the long Embassy queues. But the good news is that the modern online Vietnam visa companies have come up with Vietnam visa on Arrival service - that eliminates all the hassles usual with the conventional route of Vietnam visa application and approval. The article here is a brief on the cutting edge Vietnam visa on arrival service.

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  • How to get Vietnam visa on arrival?
    How to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

    As per the directions from the Vietnam government, foreign travelers to Vietnam are usually supposed to come up with visa certification- as a legitimate permission for their stay here. Yes, you can always take to Vietnam Embassy directly for visa approval but that quite a strenuous process. Thus, the modern way is to go for Vietnam visa on arrival service. The article here is all about how to get Vietnam visa on arrival.

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  • What is Vietnam Visa Approval Letter?
    What is Vietnam Visa Approval Letter?

    As per the directives of the Vietnam Immigration department, the foreign nationals planning a tour to Vietnam should come up with Vietnam visa. It is applicable for both casual tourists and business travelers- whether they want to stay for one month or more. Vietnam visa carries the legitimate allowance of your stay in the country and the visa approval letter acts as the legal certificate on which your visa would be issued. Do you wish to know more about Vietnam visa approval letter? Well, the article here offers a short note on visa approval letter for tourists to Vietnam.

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  • Instructions To Rush My Vietnam Visa
    Instructions To Rush My Vietnam Visa

    If you have not applied for your visa yet but urgently need to go to Vietnam there is an option rush my Vietnam visa using which you can get your approval letter within a few hours of application and making the payment. You need to know that the application scan be requested within two time slots.

    If you make a morning request or send your application and made the fee payment by 8 am in the morning according to the Vietnamese time your approval will likely be sent by 12 noon, the processing time is four hours in the morning. The other time slot is when your application is submitted and paid the fess by 2pm, following the Vietnamese time you will receive your letter of approval within three hours that is by 5 o clock on the same day. However if your applications and payments have been made after 2pm on weekdays or weekends then the letter will not be processed until the next working day.

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  • Instructions to Applying For Urgent visa Vietnam
    Instructions to Applying For Urgent visa Vietnam

    Do you have to apply for urgent visa Vietnam of late? It might be that your close Vietnamese friend is getting married on a short notice and you have to be there as soon as possible. In such a situation its ideal to contact an online Vietnam visa company for a rush visa service. The article here presents the needed instructions to follow when you are applying for the rush visa service.

    Before getting into the application details, it must be mentioned that you have to opt for a reliable Vietnam visa company with visa services accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department. The accreditation quotient is necessary to ensure the validity of the urgent visa Vietnam.

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  • How to renew my Vietnam Visa while staying in Vietnam
    How to renew my Vietnam Visa while staying in Vietnam

    You may be staying in Vietnam and may want to renew your Vietnam visa. You really do not know how to go about it. Different people tell you different things. So, what should you do? Simply, read on…

    You can renew your Vietnam visa while living in Vietnam in two different ways. It is easier to renew your Vietnam visa in a large city such as Ho Chi Minh City, or Hanoi, and so on. You can either hire a reputed travel agency to renew your Vietnam visa, or then do it yourself. Some services charge you from US $ 40 to US 4 160, depending upon for how long you want to renew your visa and also what type of visa you want -- either single entry or multiple entry.

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