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A citizen of Samoa needs to apply for a visa to travel Vietnam. Since Samoa is not included by Vietnam in its exemption list so the citizens apply for visa. The two ways through which they can apply are as follows-

1. Apply online with us using our evisa services. Fill in the online application form to get approval letter and visit Vietnam without any worries.

2. Visit the Vietnam embassy in Samoa. But unfortunately the embassy is not present in Samoa you have to travel its nearby country where the Vietnam embassy is present and apply for a visa there.

Let’s look into the detailed procedure of how a citizen of Samoa can apply for a visa Vietnam-

The growth of Vietnam economy and the rich heritage attracts a lot of people to the country. Vietnam has been developing diplomatic and economic relations with a number countries resulting in an increased influx of people. Vietnam has entered into agreements for reciprocal exemption from applying for a visa with 17 countries. In-spite of the good relations shared by these two countries San Marino citizens have to apply for a visa to enter the country. There a few exemptions that are applicable to the San Marino citizens, you should get acquainted with those before applying for a visa. There are two ways of obtaining a visa; you may apply for an embassy visa or a VOA.

Vietnam has developed great interpersonal relations with more than 170 countries in the world but it has given visa exemptions to mere 17 nations. Vietnam has diplomatic bonds with Seychelles; however, the two countries have still not entered into any reciprocal agreement. Hence, Seychelles citizens need to get a visa for entering into Vietnam and vice versa.

The Vietnam Visa Policy has given several visa exemptions to the people of Seychelles under few well-crafted scenarios. It is advised that you get all the information on these exemption rules before starting with the visa process. Seychelles citizens have two ways of getting a Vietnam visa – through the Vietnam embassy and via online agents like us for a VOA. 

There are two simple ways in which a foreign citizen can obtain Visa to Vietnam. He can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in his country or apply for Visa on Arrival online. However, Vietnam does not have an embassy in Suriname. This make the process of Visa application for Suriname citizens a little more complicated than usual. If you are a citizen of Suriname and wish to apply for Visa through the embassy, you will have to either travel to an embassy location in a neighboring country or get in touch with the embassy officials over the telephone or email to enquire if the process can be facilitated over postal mail. 

Visa is the most important document that a citizen of Swaziland need as he visits Vietnam. Like many other countries having a visa is compulsory for the citizens of Swaziland. However, you must make sure whether your country is in the visa exemption list before applying for visa. 

It should be noted that no country is visa free permanently to enter Vietnam. Citizens of some countries can entre Vietnam without visa and stay there only for a particular period of time. Countries in this list are-

• Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Japan, and Korea South which are visa free for 15 days

• Other countries are Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia which are visa free for 1 month

Like several other nations, citizens of Timor–Leste also require a visa for entering and staying in Vietnam legally. But currently there are no Vietnam embassies or consulate offices located in Timor–Leste from where the people aspiring to visit Vietnam can apply for a visa. 

Hence, they can apply for a Vietnam visa in one of two ways:

1. Either they can choose to travel to a neighboring country which has the nearest Vietnam embassy to apply for a Vietnam visa in person. We recommend that you inquire beforehand about the visa applications procedures with the foreign embassy before arriving at the office via telephone or email. 

2. Or they can apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival through the internet via an agency that has close associations with the Vietnam Immigration Department. The VOA is handed over to the people on arrival at the Vietnam international airport. 

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Ways for Tonga citizens get visa Vietnam

Tongan citizens must require the Visa for entrance in Vietnam. In Vietnam the professionals and businessman are allowed to come with possessing their Vietnam Visa, if they have not then it is prohibited to enter at boundaries of Vietnam. On the basis of Restriction Index of Visa 2014 there are 6 foreign embassies consulates in Tonga. There are 2 ways to apply a visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ apply visa through embassy or consulate but this option quite hard for you because no embassy of Vietnam in your country. Therefore option 2/ Apply visa online to get visa approval letter then pick up your visa Vietnam on arrival at international airports.

Ways for Tonga citizens get visa Vietnam

No, Tonga isn’t a visa exempted country. Tongan citizens are required to get Vietnam Visa to travel Vietnam. Tongans can get the visa for Vietnam through their nearby country Mexico where Vietnam embassy is located. Tongans can also apply online to get Visa for Vietnam. 

In the past few years Vietnam has been booming with economic growth. This boom along with rich cultural heritage attracts a good number of people. The country has framed a well-defined visa policy. According to the visa policy, a Tuvaluan citizen should get a visa to enter Vietnam. There are a few privileges applicable to some sections of the Tuvaluan society providing exemptions under defined conditions. Understand these scenarios before applying, as some may apply to you, saving you from the process entirely. To get a visa you may approach an embassy of go for a Visa on Arrival (VOA) through agents like us.

In order to meet out this extreme necessity of owning a legal Vietnam visa for the nationals of Vanuatu while touring to Vietnam, the immigration bureau of Vietnam has provided two distinctive measures for their convenience. Being open with two different options, the natives of Vanuatu can opt for any of the two according to their convenience and ease. The two significant options include:

• Requesting for Visa by paying a significant visit to the respective Vietnam Embassy of that country or some nearby location. 

• Requesting for visa through online medium of renowned travel associations available 24* 7 for your support.

In order to enter into the boundaries of Vietnam, Citizens of New Caledonia require a Vietnam visa. The two ways through which a citizen can apply are given below-

1. Visit the embassy of Vietnam in New Caledonia. Since Vietnam embassy is absent in New Caledonia so a New Caledonia citizen has to travel the nearby country New Zealand to visit the embassy of Vietnam.

2. Apply on line with us, using our Vietnam visa online services. Our experts will process your visa and contact Vietnam embassy to get the approval letter for “visa on arrival”.

A detailed information regarding ways to get visa Vietnam for New Caledonian citizens are as follows-