The citizens who own a nationality of Kenya and are desirous to visit Kenya are essentially required to own an approved visa for their stay over there. Vietnam is a country of beautiful elegance and extra ordinary grace. Its tempting greenery attracts people from all over the world to spend some quality time. Being a citizen of Kenya, it is very essential for them to apply for Vietnam visa. Generally there are two methods available for the citizens of Kenya to successfully apply for Vietnam Visa including

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Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Iraq Citizens

Every Iraqi citizen requires a visa to enter Vietnam. Citizens of Iraq can apply for visa in three different ways such as: 

The Iraqi can apply for visa to Vietnam through any travel agency of Iraq or through the online process. There are several processors who will be in a position to help you like Travisa, Traveldocs, and using Iraq passport.  The only variable thing is the fees taken by the agencies may differ depending on their way of working.

It should be noted that not all the countries have a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulates hence whoever is applying for the visa.

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Ways to get visa Vietnam for Iranian citizen

Vietnam has formed democratic and diplomatic relations with around 170 nations on the global map and Iran is one such country. The countries have been involved with trade since the 1970s and in the year 1997, Vietnam established its embassy in the heart of Iran. Today, this embassy makes the life of hundreds of citizens easier by helping them with their trips to Vietnam.

Vietnam has made it a compulsion for the Iranian nationals to secure a valid Vietnamese visa for stepping into the nation. A few exemptions are given by the Vietnamese government for the Iranians falling into these categories

Citizens of most countries are required to apply for Visa to travel to Vietnam. There are only a few countries that enjoy Visa exemption in Vietnam and that too for a short period. However, if you are a Ghana citizen or passport holder and need to travel to Vietnam, you will have to obtain a Visa. There are two ways in which you can do this. You can either approach the Embassy of Vietnam or apply for Visa on Arrival through the online application process. 

Vietnam has strong democratic and diplomatic relations with almost all the nations in the world. As a result, around 17 countries in the world enjoy a visa exemption from Vietnam. In addition, Vietnam has its official embassies in around 70 major nations. Hence, for these nations, applying for a visa for Vietnam is an easy process but for several nations, it can be difficult.

Egyptian is the first nation from the Arabian countries to establish democratic and diplomatic relations with Vietnam. The Vietnam embassy was established in the heart of Egypt, Cairo, back in the year 1963. Since, then this embassy has been taking care of the to and fro journey of the people here to Vietnam. 

Vietnam, over the years, has emerged as one of the strongest economies in the world. The country sees a huge influx of people due to its rich heritage that invites a good number of tourists. In addition to this, the growing economy has also invited hundreds of businesspersons here. The country, therefore, has framed its own, well-defined visa policy. 

If you are a Bangladesh citizen and wish to travel to Vietnam, you must obtain Visa. Vietnam has its embassy in Bangladesh which can be approached for Visa application. The procedure is quite simple and the embassy officials will take the applicant through a step by step procedure to apply for the Visa.

Vietnam, being a nation of immaculate magnificence, has possessed the capacity to pull in light of a legitimate concern for various guests from Algeria for both business and family-vacation. The country is filled with immense beauty and has a large amount of significance from historical point of view. Besides, Vietnam holds an extremely diverse topography. Being rich in culture which is still preserved since the age-long, it attracts innumerable tourists all the year around. That is the reason; people from all across the world come here. 

If you are an Afghan citizen or an Afghan passport holder, you are required to obtain a Visa in order to travel into Vietnam. There are two ways in which an individual can obtain Visa to Vietnam. He can either approach the Embassy of Vietnam for Visa application process or apply online for Visa on Arrival. Afghanistan does not have an Embassy of Vietnam and hence Afghan citizens who wish to apply through the embassy must contact the embassies located in neighbouring countries. You will either have to travel to that country and personally visit the embassy to fill in the application form. 

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