Any foreign national who wishes to travel to Vietnam must obtain Visa. Vietnam offers easy Visa application process for foreign nationals who wish to obtain Visa to Vietnam. Usually, any foreign citizen who wishes to obtain Visa to Vietnam. He can either get in touch with the Embassy of Vietnam in his country or apply for Visa on Arrival. Vietnam does not have an Embassy of Vietnam in Central Africa. If you are a citizen or passport holder of Central Africa and wish to apply for Visa through the embassy, then you can get in touch with the embassy of a neighboring country or get in touch with officials to enquire if the process can be extended over postal mail. 

Vietnam shares great diplomatic relations with about 170 countries and the list is growing. In accordance to these relations Vietnam provides visa exemptions to 17 countries and has established embassies in 70 countries. Botswana and Vietnam do share good diplomatic relations but have not established reciprocal agreements for visa. So, Botswana citizens need to possess a valid visa to enter Vietnam even when it’s a short visit. 

There are some exemptions that are applicable for Botswana citizens that are covered under the Vietnam Visa Policy. You should get acquainted with the exemptions before starting the application process. There are two ways of getting a visa: One through an embassy and the other by VOA through agencies like us.

The headway in innovation has come to next level where everything can be done online like shopping, service bills, scanning for another spot to book air tickets and rail tickets, and parts more. Actually, the procedure of visa application is no more awkward and monotonous assignment as one can request the same through online medium. You require not visiting any consulate or embassy. Various online administration suppliers are putting forth constant and moderate administrations for Vietnam visa. They have disposed of the wastage of vitality, hard-earned cash and valuable time with their dependable and totally secured online visa help. Essentially, there are two strategies for Lesotho nationals to request Vietnam visa, examined as beneath: 

The advancement in technology has reached next level where everything is online from shopping to paying utility bills, searching for a new place to booking air and rail tickets, and lots more. in fact, the process of visa application is no more cumbersome and tedious task as one can apply for the same through online mode. It is only a click away. You need not to visit any embassy or wandering about consulate office for many days. A number of online service providers are offering real-time and affordable services to get a visa for Vietnam. They have eliminated the wastage of energy, hard-earned money and precious time of yours with their reliable and completely secured online visa assistance. Primarily, there are two methods for Namibian citizens to apply for Vietnam visa, discussed as below:

The natives, especially having a place with Jamaican nationality basically need to possess a valid Visa to enter within the grounds of Vietnam. Vietnam proves to be an extreme location for spending vacation. It offers an amazing ambience and surrounding which dazzles the consideration of Jamaican residents throughout the years. The key obsession that is needed for every Jamaican native to enjoy a comfortable visit to Vietnam is a legally stamped Visa provided by the migration bureau of Vietnam. To get this legal Visa, the residents have to principally request for it. 

Being a Lithuanian resident the two routes by which you can get Vietnam visa are as per the following  

1. Go to the consulate if accessible, as Vietnam government office is not been established till now in Lithuania so you need to visit the international safe haven, at Belarus and apply visa there. 

2. Apply online with us to get support letter from the Vietnam immigration department then get your "visa on landing" at any of the universal airplane terminals of Vietnam. 

A Lithuania resident in its nation Lithuania to travel Vietnam needs a visa. There are two basic routes by which he/she can apply and get the visa. The two routes are as per the following  

Vietnam turns out as an overwhelming vacation destination for individuals over the diverse corners of the world. It has been significantly observed over the past several years that individuals from distinctive nations are travelling to Vietnam for various purposes because of widespread popularity of globalization across the world. The noteworthy illustration of movement among people towards Vietnam can be significantly seen with the residents of Armenia. With a specific end goal to guarantee immaculate amicability and perfect network among the two nations, the Vietnamese Government has created an obligatory rule for Armenian nationals to claim a genuine Visa to visit Vietnam. 

With a necessity to obtain a valid Vietnam visa for Papua New Guinean citizens, the immigration department of Vietnam offers two distinctive measures of applying for it with eased and convenience. Applying for Vietnam visa has never been so easy and comfortable as it is today. Both the distinctive measures of Vietnam visa application recognized by the visa issuing authorities involve simple steps to follow for acquiring the Visa successfully. The two significant options to apply for Vietnam visa include:

• Visa application by visiting the nearby Vietnam Embassy. 

• Visa application online through authorized travel agents. 

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Ways to get visa Vietnam for Rwanda citizen

Rwanda citizens are required to obtain a valid visa for making any kind of trips to Vietnam. The country has extended a visa free stay to mere 17 nations and so far, Rwanda is not yet on that list. However, to strengthen the democratic bonds, Vietnam has drafted several guidelines that allow Rwanda citizens to avail several exemptions under specific scenarios. You are advised to get in touch with the embassy to enlighten yourself on the visa exemption rules.

The citizens of Rwanda can obtain a visa for Vietnam either through the Vietnam embassy or through various online agencies like ours that specialize in arranging for VOAs for the clients. Before applying for a visa, a pre requisite is that you have a valid passport. The passport must hold validity for at least 6 months from the end date of your journey and must have a blank page for visa stamping.

Citizens of Senegal are required to obtain Visa in order to travel to Vietnam. Usually, there are two procedures in which a foreign national can obtain Visa to Vietnam. He can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in his country for Visa application or apply for Visa on Arrival. However, Vietnam does not have an embassy in Senegal, which make the first method a little more complicated for citizens of Senegal.